Top Restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Arizona is one of the biggest City in Arizona other than Phoenix and its Neighborhood City. It has a desert land that has been notable and popular tourist attraction because of its featured landscape which is really wonderful and amazing. Other than that, there are another places that is good for hanging out and an ideal way to fill an empty tummy. Scottsdale AZ is proudly boasts their different cuisine of restaurants that it’s special recipes and delight any taste buds. You can thank all the chefs who’s behind on these fantastic food. Let’s explore these top restaurants in Scottsdale that would surely make you come back.

Franco’s Italian Café

Franco’s Italian café would love by anyone especially for Italian cuisine lover. The recipe of delightful Portobello Mushroom and pasta partner with grilled vegetables are real cravings. This Italian café is one of the popular restaurant in Scottsdale that has its location in 4327 N Scottsdale rd., AZ. Well it’s just easy to locate especially when you’re so hungry. Franco’s Italian café’s remains notable through the years because of its high class of service, value and ambience of the restaurant, and of course their special Italian menu that has been known for its delicious recipe included Tartufo and mascarpone cheesecake for the desert, fully reading for this craving.

The Breakfast Club

The first thought might come up on your mind on this restaurant are eggs and pancakes. Yes, they served for common breakfast, but they also offered different variety of delightful recipes for breakfast and lunch or brunch. The breakfast club is located nearby Franco’s Italian Café, Cowboy Ciao and the herb box. You may drop to those nearby restaurants but the breakfast club is a worth resto to try as well, with its menu servings that includes Tuscan and wild mushroom your tummy would satisfy for its cravings partner with special coffee that would complete your day!

Virtu Honest Craft

Sound little intriguing, but this restaurant catches many people’s taste buds. Thanks to Gio Chef Osso’s for making a delightful recipe. Virtu Honest Craft way opened since 2013 and was awarded and featured on Esquire’s as the New Best restaurants on that year. Well, no doubt about that. It’s ambiance as intimate eatery with Mediterranean influence attract several guests to dine in, and of course, the simple but authentic food that has a Mediterranean style is perfect.

Café Monarch

Love is in the air and everything on this restaurant is wonderful. Well, it’s because of its very nice and cozy but intimate ambiance that everyone would love especially for couples. But for you to know, the café Monarch is located at 1st Ave, Ste 102 Scottsdale offering not only its intimate ambiance but also it’s delicious and mouthwatering recipe of its American cuisine that includes delicious Chilean Sea Bass, Seafood Risotto partner with their mouthwatering deserts and many more in menu. Café Monarch mostly enjoyable in any special occasions and romantic dates with its very nice outdoor settings.


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